A deck plays a very important role in providing you more open space for that quality living. Moreover, this is where Anchorage Deck Finishing solutions from Executive Touch Painters come into action. It will be a conversation piece for years to come for you, family & friends.











    • Transparent or Clear Finishes
      • It exposes the natural beauty of the wood to an optimum level. As the name suggests, Transparent or Clear Finishes allow the entire wood to show through.
      •  The bad news is that these Toronto Deck Finishing coatings are highly susceptible to Ultra Violet (UV) rays Features of Various Types of Coatingfrom sun. It obviously results in very little protection.

    • Semi Transparent Finishes

      • Semi transparent finishes also expose the natural beauty of the wood, but instead of the entire wood, only some parts are shown through.
      • The good news is that they provide better protection from Ultra Violet Rays of sun.
      • Semi transparent Anchorage Deck Finishing is an ideal choice for wear and tear
      • Semi-transparent finishes are only available in latex or oil format. That is the reason they offer less durability than penetrating deck finishes.
    • Solid Stains
      • These coatings provide optimum protection from the Ultra Violet rays of the sun.
      • They are available in virtually endless color options.
      • Discoloration and other imperfections of the wood surface are covered in a very efficient manner through Anchorage Deck Finishing.
    • Water repellent preservative deck finishes
      • If you are looking for short-term coating, repellent preservative deck finishes make an ideal choice for you. Such a Anchorage Deck Finishing also contains a mildewcide, which is very effective in saving the wood from being mildewed and decayed. However, such a system does not ensure long-term prevention.
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