When it comes to getting an exterior residential painting job done, it isn’t just the paint you pay for, but you also have to pay for the experience and expertise of the professional painters. If you are looking for ABC Painting Group & Construction who have excellent product knowledge and vast experience of providing superior painting solutions, look no further than ABC Painting Group & Constuction.

    Our ABC Painting Group & Constrution are experts in exterior residential painting. We are committed to provide you an optimum exterior painting solution, and we take all the proper steps to ensure the same for you. We know which material is best suitable for your specific exterior painting needs.



      We know proper surface preparation is important for a superior exterior painting application, and that is the reason we take utmost care in preparing the surface. For example, we scrap, spackle and sand loose paints and other surface defects wherever applicable.

    • Based on your specific needs, we first remove dirt, mildew, rust, and all loose paints. If needed, we can also remove all paint on windowsill using paint remover. Proper surface preparation also includes an expert power washing and priming of all appropriate surfaces.

    • Our ABC Painting Group & Constrution Exterior Painters also recommend replacement of defective materials.

    • If needed, Caulking and weather sealing are also done.

    • While the work is being done, we ensure complete protection for the walkways, windows, patios, porches, roofs, chimneys, driveways, and plants etc.

    • We apply paint, stains, and sealants in the most effective way.

    • Before starting the job, we remove all exterior attachments, as needed, and put them back in place after the job is done.

    • We finish with two coats of high quality exterior paints and stains.

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